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This Week in Sandpoint

Abstract Dreamscape It's another week in paradise. Kick off your weekend by immersing yourself in the First Friday Opening Reception: Abstract Dreamscape at the POAC Gallery, indulge in some gut-busting laughter with the first night of The Follies at the Panida, or enjoy a day at the Fairgrounds for the Annual Gun 'N Horn Show, all on Fri, March 1. Then hit up the Mega Alpine and Snowboard Demo Day at Schweitzer, or continue the fun with The Follies & the Gun 'N Horn Show on Sat, March 2. Finallhy, cap off your weekend with some soulful tunes with Marty O'Reilly, live at the Panida Little Theater, or closing day of the Gun 'N Horn Show on Sun, March 3.

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Sandpoint Idaho osprey nest cam The ospreys depart. Local osprey have migrated south, but the web cam at their Memorial Field nest continues to provide views of town. Check the webcam»
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Sandpoint Idaho News
February 26, 2024
Work on Long Bridge delayed
Until mid-March
Daher seeks four aircraft interns
Positions based in Sandpoint, Europe
Parents call on WBCSD
To run levy on May ballot
This week the BOCC will see
Lengthy executive sessions
Lee Brice tapped to play Aug. 1
At Festival at Sandpoint
Conservation groups petition USFS
To outlaw wolf hunting by air in ID
Idaho pushes for
Grizzly delisting
Help the Panida celebrate centennial
By sharing Panida memorabilia
Bauer files second tort claim
Against Bonner County employees
New radio program airs Monday
"Community Character Hour"
Constitutional amendment proposed
To block rank choice voting
FDA warns Idaho about viral outbreak
Coming from California
Invasive Species Week sheds light
On Idaho landscape impact
Idaho Senate defeats
Library porn bill by one vote
Idaho's militant fringe is trying
To build a private army

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In this week's Sandpoint Reader:
  • The future of public comment at the BOCC
  • Judge finds racist robocaller liable for 4,959 illegally spoofed calls
  • Idaho's militant fringe is trying to build a private army
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