Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2005 Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2005
Sandpoint Magazine

Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2005

Summer 2005 Sandpoint Magazine

  • New suds in Sandpoint: Laughing Dog Brewing opens
  • More new suds in Sandpoint: MickDuff's Brewing comes downtown
  • Postal guy goes quilter and wins awards and accolades
  • A new place for machismo: Shop and stop for hunt-fish chit chat
  • Cordes crazy about potato mashers
  • Plowing snow: Adventures in a northern Idaho necessity
  • ‘Blue Jackets’ gather at Farragut: Next-to-last reunion rekindles memories
  • Birthing a Sandpoint film: Hollywood pro teams up with locals
  • Artifacts a missing link? Incised stones generate questions
  • Club caters to die-hard anglers: Holds derbies twice yearly on lake


Marilynne Robinson
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Gilead"

Real Estate
Featuring interior designers, plus downtown and Hidden Lakes in transition, buyer’s tips and Marketwatch

Dining Guide
Special section with dining reviews on restaurants in the Sandpoint area



Seductive Little Blue
Schweitzer reveals hallowed snow in 400 acres of new terrain, plus the telemark scene and a profile of General Manager Ron Nova

Literary Leanings
Influenced by power of place, locals are writing and publishing more books than ever. Plus: Bookstores galore

Business in Their Blood
Meet generations of some founding families in Sandpoint who keep legacies alive.

In the printed magazine, you’ll also find these features:

The Spa Scene
A growing spa industry around Sandpoint provides plenty of ways to indulge oneself.

KPND After 25 Years
Blue Sky Broadcasting makes it a quarter century with its signature station and gathers more on the AM and FM dials.

Social Dance Movement
Diane Peters teaches people how to move on their feet, and social dance groups flourish.

Inside the Silence at Ross Creek
Discover the thrill of exploring this ancient cedar grove in winter

Hannah and the Mountain
An excerpt from Jonathan Johnson’s new book, a memoir on fatherhood

Images of Winter
A photo essay containing a wonderful selection of winter scenics.

A Week in the (Night)life:
Last Page
Taking a day-by-day – or rather, night-by-night – look at Sandpoint’s life after dark.

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Winter 2006 Volume 16, No. 1

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