Feature Stories

Interview - Jerry Kramer, is a Sandpoint High School alumnus who went on to a long career with the Packers during the 1960s under legendary coach Vince Lombardi!

Water Journeys - Take a look back to the many people that used the Pend Oreille water highway - Plus: A guide to Getting on the Lake.

The Maestro - Meet Maestro Gunther Schuller, artistic director of The Festival at Sandpoint. He is one of the world's foremost composers and conductors. Plus: Gunther explains the Art of Conducting. Also: Here's a look at the Festival at Sandpoint's 98 season.

Take a Hike- A venture into any of the nearby forests is a treat for everyone. Plus: Welcome to Mushroom Heaven.

Real Estate - Bruce Millard employs recycled materials & a holistic philosophy. Plus: Market watch

Last Word - Fremont Shields leads us on an adventure climb up chimney rock.
Almanac Browse our Sandpoint Almanac of information, featuring the fact and fancy of our town.
  Irene Bennett Dunn - She and her son survived one of this centuries most devastating earthquakes, and now her book about it is out.
  Kootenai Wildlife Refuge - For a look at birds of all sorts and big game too, this refuge of 2,774 acres of prime wetlands and meadows is the place to visit.
  The West in Westmond - A Western frontier town still lives.
  City Council Web Site - Local government will be accessible to all by means of the world-wide web.
  Suffolk Farms - They've lengthened the growing season with their commercial greenhouse to grow fine organic foods.
  Hotel Hope - This historic hotel is said to have hosted Teddy Roosevelt, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper and other luminaries, and is open again today after 30 years.
  Bottle Bay Birch - Jim Sheldon's birch-wood project turned into birch-wood products, picked up by huge mail order firms.

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