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Sandpoint Magazine Winter 2002

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Internet café, where electrons meet caffeine

You could say the Everyday Internet Café is Sandpoint’s first coffee shop built for speed – speed on the ’net, that is.

The premise behind the café, located in the newly renovated Cedar Street Station at Cedar and Fifth downtown, is that “people are looking for good quality coffee – and fast Internet access that’s always free with a cup of coffee,” says co-proprietor Andy Feuling.

It’s true. For the price of a cup o’ joe, visitors to the café can pull up a stool at one of its three computers with a super-fast broadband connection courtesy of Satcom. Feuling hopes tourists in town will find the café a great place to check e-mail or grab info off the ’net. But he is also styling the café as “a hub of positive energy” for locals, too, a lively spot where they can get Internet time, talk, listen to music. Key to the theme is the coffee – organic and shade-grown blends that use no pesticides or herbicides. “We have really good coffee,” he says. “The Internet, coffee – they just mesh really well.”

The Everyday Internet Café is open daily at 502 Cedar St.

– Chris Bessler

Winter 2003

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